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4 Tips to Ace Onboarding in a Fast-Growing Company

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

You're seeing more and more new hires coming in and you're thinking it may be time to industrialise your onboarding process? Start with these easy tips:

1. Keep it simple – if the onboarding to do list, useful contacts & people to meet and “stuff to go through” can be found in a single place, that’s already a very good start!

2. Start before they start – get all the boring bits out of the way and don’t wait for day 1 for sending on reading material, inviting them to team functions or gathering admin docs. The sooner, the better!

3. Set clear expectations early on – is your new hire supposed to shadow someone and do “day in the life” of other teammates for a period of time, or are they coming just in time so you can ship this new feature?

4. Provide the right types of learning – technical/product knowledge are important for sure, but cultural and political learnings (ways of working, decision-making process…) are too, in order to get up to speed quickly.

Thoughts? Questions? We're appy to discuss further via our LinkedIn page :)

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