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4 Tips to Champion Wellbeing in your Startup

"Work hard play hard", "Get sh*t done" and all those well-known startup mottos don't mean that you shouldn't care about wellbeing and paying attention to the physical and mental health of your team. Healthier team members will be more engaged, happy and able to sustain a fast pace in the long run. We have a few tips for you:

1. Lead by example – if founders and leaders take their holidays, have regular activities outside of work or speak up about the mental health challenges they’ve been facing, others are likely to do it too.

2. Be creative – nope, not everyone is interested in free passes for the local gym. There are thousands of activities and ways for people to feel good and exercise, listen to your team and offer suitable options.

3. Set healthy foundations – making sure that the culture and environment in your company support kindness and respect will help people to be in a positive state of mind and to feel safe and valued.

4. Encourage screen breaks – tech detox, screen time monitoring, park walks and notifications bans. are a few examples of habits you can promote in order to inspire your teammates to go and get some sun!

Thoughts? Questions? We're happy to discuss further via our LinkedIn page :)

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