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4 Tips to Grow a Learning Culture in a Startup

Whether you're in a very competitive industry or working with rapidly evolving technology, you may be keen to make sure you always stay ahead of the curve. Setting up a fertile and conducive environment to allow people to always learn and grow is also complementing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Here are a few tips:

1. Make it recurrent – ensure that there are regular learning opportunities and make it part of the routine: “Friday Lunch&Learn”, “Reading of the Month”, “30min of Knowledge”…

2. Go out of the office – there are tons of professional events and learning opportunities everywhere, why not curate them and share with the team? Then, ask for key takeaways to be shared.

3. Anyone can teach something – do not look further: each one of your team member has something to share with the team and can educate and spread knowledge on a topic. Let’s get this rolling!

4. Encourage curiosity – if you can afford a learning budget (office library, magazines subscriptions, learning apps, learning allowance…), go ahead. If not, make sure you allow and reward curiosity and inquisitive minds.

Thoughts? Questions? We're happy to discuss further via our LinkedIn page :)

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