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4 Tips to Scale Culture in a Fast-Growing Company

Worried that your very own DNA may get diluted while you scale? To preserve your culture, make sure you keep these few tips in mind:

1. Do what you preach, and live by your values - reward positive contributions and do not allow toxic behaviours to be displayed (even if they are coming from your top performer!).

2. Do not copy others/big companies - why would you be introducing heavy and boring processes all of a sudden, if this is not what made you successful so far?

3. Support your people managers - ensure they are equipped to drive your culture with for example training, coaching, toolbox, dedicated time to discuss management situations...

4. Listen to your team members - they know better what they value and why they are here + you will likely find ambassadors and organisers for team activities.

Thoughts? Questions? We're happy to discuss further via our LinkedIn page :)

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