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Interview of Yssine, our co-founder, on how to create and nurture a great company culture.

Yssine, Thriving Tribes' co-founder, has been invited by our friends at Staff Treats to their YouTube show (#TheWorkLifeShow) to share her insights on how to create and nurture a great company culture in a startup or small business.

Sharing a few timestamps so you can jump straight to the topics that are of interest to you:

🌱 01:24 - What is company culture and why is it important?

☢️ 02:35 - How to remedy a toxic or negative company culture?

🤝 04:48 - Why culture fit is not "getting along" with people.

💡 07:53 - Examples of startups that are deliberate about culture.

⚔️ 10:25 - Yssine's secret weapon for building a great culture.

Let us know what you think and if you have questions or need help with being more intentional about the culture of your company, you can reach out to Yssine directly at

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